What You Need to Know About CPAP Mask Liners

A CPAP liner goes between your mask and face. The mask’s fabric prevents irritation and marks. Depending on the liner, it may be moisture-wicking or chilly. Not all liners are machine-washable, but most are. Using a CPAP liner might increase your comfort and keep your mask clean.

CPAP Mask Liner Selection

When shopping for CPAP liners, consider these factors. First, check if a liner fits your mask. Most mask liners aren’t one-size-fits-all due to cpap masks form and size. Pick a mask-compatible liner. Consider pricing, fabric, quality, and care instructions.

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CPAP Mask Liner Features

Some companies selling CPAP mask liners employ industry jargon and buzzwords. Consider your needs instead of these statements.


Material and quality determine a CPAP mask liner’s price. Higher-end liners are reusable, washable, and wear-resistant. CPAP mask liners cost $15. Some liners can last a year, but most last three months.


With so many CPAP masks available, it’s crucial to find a compatible liner. If not, the breathing cutouts won’t match your mouth and nose. Product descriptions usually include compatible masks.


Some CPAP mask liners wick moisture. These textiles extract moisture from your lips and nose to keep you dry and cool. Microfiber and microfleece are good choices.

Materials Quality

High-quality mask liners will last longer. Cared for properly, top-quality liners can last a year. Quality masks can resist machine cleaning and normal wear and tear.


Clean reusable mask liners weekly. Machine-washable models can be dried on low heat. Hand-wash liners with gentle face soap and lay flat to dry.

Some Selected CPAP mask Liners to consider

  1. Amara View Mask Liner

Ideal for its durability, inexpensive liners, hand-washers, and good for Soft-touch lovers.


Soft microfiber forms a pleasant barrier between your face and the CPAP mask with the Respironics Amara View Mask Liner. The Respironics Amara View cushion fits perfectly. It completely covers the mask, leaving the nose and mouth open. With regular care, this inexpensive model should last a year.

Top-Rated Replacement Liners for CPAP Masks

Microfiber prevents overheating and moisture buildup. Material absorbs facial oils, preventing mask deterioration. Protecting your face from your mask helps you sleep more easily.

Reusable and washable: The manufacturer recommends hand-washing it weekly with face soap. Squeeze out extra water and dry flat. It comes in one standard size and employs Velcro straps to fasten to CPAP masks.

  1. Wisp Nasal Mask Liner

Ideal for: Size-seekers, Budget-conscious, Machine-washables


  • 4-sizes
  • Compatible with Philips Respironics Wisp Nasal Mask
  • Microfleece is gentle on the face.

Philips’ Respironics Wisp Nasal Mask Liner is budget-friendly. It comes in four sizes to fit each Wisp Nasal Mask version. To ensure a good fit, buy the liner that matches your mask cushion.

The polyester microfleece lining is silky and smooth. The liner covers the mask cushion, leaving a nose cutout. No mouth-covering cloth. Microfleece wicks heat and moisture so you can sleep comfortably and dry.

Wash and dry the lining flat using mild detergent. Avoid tumble-drying microfleece at high temps. This model is cheap and reusable.

Top-Rated Replacement Liners for CPAP Masks
  1. Nasal Mask Liner ResMed N10

Ideal for: ResMed AirFit N10 users, people looking for a cheap, and durable model, and Seal-seekers.


  • Soft, breathable microfiber lining
  • Simple design
  • Machine-washable

The low-profile ResMed N10 Nasal Mask Liner prevents irritation. This model works with the ResMed AirFit N10 Nasal Mask and Hers. Soft microfiber cloth buffers your face from the mask.

ResMed’s mask liner leaves room for your nose. This model’s fabric doesn’t interfere with the mask’s seal, making it a fantastic choice for hard-to-fit people. Best results come from weekly washing. Each mask should last at least six months with proper care. This model’s price is competitive, given its superior craftsmanship and comfort.

  1. Snugz Mask Liner

Ideal for: Replacement liner-seekers, sleepyheads, general CPAP patients.


  • Nasal and full-face alternatives
  • 2-pack masks
  • Multiple mask brands compatible

The Snugz Mask Liner is breathable and features-packed for its price. This mask liner reduces skin irritation and feels comfortable. Its design and moisture-wicking substance are unique.

Lycra, spandex, and polyester make up the fabric. These fibres make a material that keeps you cool and dry even with a humidifier. The liner’s tiny airflow keeps you comfy. You shouldn’t encounter excessive leakage, but you may notice greater airflow. Snugz recommends this liner for CPAP users.

Snugz Mask Liners are nasal and full-face. Both work without a chinstrap. The liner fits all nasal masks. Not for nasal pillows or full-face masks. It fits every full-face mask except the ResMed Mirage Quattro and Fisher & Paykel Forma XL.

Air Liquide Healthcare experts test each product to deliver our readers the best on the market. Our years of experience and detailed methods help us identify the best goods for our audience.

Durability and quality are checked for CPAP machines and accessories. Before buying a product, consult your doctor.


A CPAP mask liner is used in the same way as a regular mask, so how do you put it on?

Wrapping the CPAP mask liner around the mask and securing it will provide a barrier between your face and the mask. According to the mask’s individual structure, each liner attaches in a somewhat different way. Some fasten to the mask using Velcro, while others just slide on. Every liner has a slightly different shape and size, therefore it’s important to read the directions before you use it.

Can leaks be reduced by using a liner with a CPAP mask?

Wearing a CPAP mask liner correctly can reduce leaks by keeping the mask in place. You should still check that the mask fits well and that neither your pillow nor your sleeping posture will prevent the CPAP from functioning properly.

Properly fitting your CPAP mask is the greatest method to prevent leaks. The correct fit of your mask should be checked by your doctor if you are experiencing leaks while sleeping.

Can you tell me what material CPAP mask liners are manufactured from?

Liner materials for CPAP masks can range from one brand to the next, but many of them are constructed with microfleece, polyester, or microfiber because of their softness and ability to drain away moisture. Pick a mask lining material that breathes well and feels wonderful against your skin for the best possible night’s rest.