About Us

It’s our goal to be a premier resource and advocate by striving to empower Southern Iowa’s residents as they seek transformation through coping with and/or recovering from behavioral health and substance abuse challenges.

Board Members

Phyliss O’Daniels
Affiliation:  Union County

Dennis Brown
Affiliation:  Union County

Doug Birt
Affiliation:  Adams County

Lori Schwartz
Affiliation: Adair County

Liz Timmerman
Affiliation:  Southwest Valley School District

Bob Duff
Affiliation:  Madison County

Dean Robins
Affiliation:  Clarke County

Charles Ambrose
Affiliation:  Taylor County

Bonnie Godden
Affiliation:  Taylor County

Jodie Hoadley
Affiliation:  Adair County


A Mental Health Steering Committee in Union and Clarke counties was organized in 1974..... Learn More

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